Financial Assistance

because we 
need each other

At the YMCA of Southern Arizona, we believe that everyone can benefit from our programs and services. However, we understand that sometimes a family's financial situation can make this difficult. That's why we established our Financial Assistance Program. We pledge that, based on available resources, no child will be turned away due to an inability to pay a fee. The YMCA of Southern Arizona wants to help you, your child or even your entire family to take advantage of the programs we offer, even if they seem out of reach financially.

Our Financial Assistance Program is funded through our Annual Campaign. During this campaign, volunteers and staff work to secure donations from individuals, corporations and foundations in order to help those in need. The selfless generosity of these donors makes it all possible.

Scholarships are awarded through an application process at each branch. You should apply at the branch that has the services you would like to use. You can download the application or go into any branch to pick one up. Once you've turned that in (along with the necessary paperwork) a YMCA Director will determine your eligibility and notify you within two weeks of your status. To determine eligibility we consider your monthly income, your monthly expenses and the number of people in your household. In order to stretch our finite resources as far as possible, we rarely offer 100% scholarships. Typically, we will work with you to determine what portion of the fees you can pay without undue hardship.

Financial Assistance can be awarded for any YMCA program that charges a fee, including membership. This includes sports for youth and adults, skill classes, summer camp, child care* and any other program we offer.

Financial Assistance applicants are treated to the same courtesy and respect that we offer to other potential members. If you are approved for Financial Assistance, you will enjoy the same opportunities and privileges as any other member or participant. Your financial information is kept confidential, and is only used by the Director who determines your eligibility. We ask that you use the services or facilities that you are approved for regularly. If your situation changes and you find you are no longer able to use the Y's services please notify us so that we can reassign those scholarship dollars to another individual or family.

*If you are applying for a child care scholarship, we ask that you apply to the Department of Economic Security (DES) first. If DES denies your application, apply with us and include the DES denial letter with your application.