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by Annemarie Medina
Vice President of Corporate and Community Partnerships


Let’s Move Outside

When I was younger going on vacation or on a day trip meant visiting one of our national parks.  Whether it was climbing rolling hills of pure white sand or walking through a forest of pine trees or hiking to see the petroglyphs and Indian ruins, my family visited a national park for all our… Read more »

Step It UP!

From the time we take our first steps as children, walking becomes such an important part of our lives that we often take it for granted. As a way to enjoy nature, get the blood moving, or just get from one point to another, for many people, walking is an easy and free way to… Read more »

Make it a Play Date

Research has shown that exercise is beneficial to our older population in many ways. Not only does it help with balance, chronic disease prevention and improved flexibility, but it also improves cognitive ability, memory and mood. Add in the activity of play with our younger generation and you have a perfect combination of physical and… Read more »