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Our volunteer leadership provides governance, policy, direction, and fundraising support for the association. The visionary leadership of these volunteers is invaluable to the success of our organization.

2017-18 Metropolitan Board Members

Cindy Kuhn,Chair
Tom Furrier, Treasurer
Adaline Klemmedson, Secretary
Don Jenks, Immediate Past Chair
Sue Baker
Peter Beahan, CPA
Henry Boice
Jerry Bromiel
Kevin Burnett
Rick Burrows
Jennifer Casteix
Mike L. Cracovaner
Carmine DeBonis
John Dennis
Brenda Even
Diane Frisch
Sarah Frost
David V. Garcia
Rob Gillette
Abbe Goncharsky
Tom Hicks, MD
Doug Jones
Wendy Kurtin
Randy Lewis
Linda Lohse
Mary Belle McCorkle, EdD
S. Jack McDuff
Honorable Leslie B. Miller
Roy D. Morey, PhD
Maya Nash
JV Nyman
Rebecca O’Brien
Barbi Reuter
Brad Rich
Ian Roark, EdD
Tom Roof
Helen Schaefer, PhD
Enrique Serna
Ole Thienhaus
MaRico Tippett


Eric Ponce, Chair, Lohse Family YMCA
Frank Barraza, Chair, Mulcahy YMCA at Kino Community Center
Amy Schlessman, PhD, Chair, Northwest YMCA/Pima County Community Center
David Wilson, Co-Chair, Ott/LH Family YMCAs
Jenise Porter, Co-Chair, Ott/LH Family YMCAs
Jon Trachta, Chair, Triangle Y Ranch Summer Camp and Retreat Center