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Strategic Plan

Strategic Direction for 2017 and Beyond


Establish a Unified Team: Become a unified team of staff and volunteers that share ownership of a common vision and operate
within a culture of learning, trust, and teamwork while consistently improving the way in which we engage people.


Create a Learning Culture: Commit to creating a culture of continuous improvement where we develop high performance
expectations, implement leading practices and measure quality results.


Build the skills necessary to listen first with our members, partners, and community and convene genuine conversations that will help to establish meaningful personal and collaborative relationships.


We want to be explicit about our decision-making criteria and therefore, we will undertake strategies that…

  • Are consistent with our mission and brand
  • Can be measured with solid data
  • Utilize our strategic advantages
  • Promote our standard of excellence
  • Are sustainable and cash-positive
  • Add to our community benefit proposition
  • Have the capacity to be delivered/achieved
  • Strengthen a community collaboration

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