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Our Active Youth Programs!


Y Dance programs for children between the ages of 3 to 14 offer numerous benefits beyond just learning dance steps. These programs are designed not only to teach dance techniques but also to foster overall development.

Why choose Y Dance?

Youth dance offers a multitude of benefits that extend beyond just learning movements and choreography. Here are several reasons why youth engage in dance.

Exercise in Disguise: Dance is a fun way for young people to stay physically active without feeling like they’re exercising.

Improved Coordination and Flexibility: Regular dance practice enhances coordination, balance, and flexibility, contributing to overall physical well-being.

Building Relationships: Dancing together helps forge friendships and bonds, creating a supportive and inclusive environment.

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Attention Young Acrobats! Dive into the Excitement of Tumbling at YMCA! Calling all enthusiastic movers aged 3 to 10 – our tumbling program is the ultimate mix of fun and skill development. Led by passionate instructors committed to nurturing young talent, our YMCA classes provide a secure and engaging environment for children to explore the thrilling world of tumbling. Join us for a fantastic journey where fun meets skill development at YMCA’s tumbling program!

Why choose Y Tumbling?

Tumbling isn’t just about flips and somersaults—it’s a fantastic way for kids to enhance their physical abilities while having a blast! Through carefully crafted exercises and routines, our program focuses on:

Motor Skills Development: From mastering basic rolls to more advanced maneuvers, children improve their coordination, balance, and agility.

Building Confidence: Each successful tumble is a confidence booster, empowering kids to embrace new challenges with courage.

Fun-filled Fitness: Tumbling isn’t just about skill—it’s a full-body workout that keeps kids active and healthy in a playful and enjoyable way.

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Discover the Thrill of Sports for Preschoolers at YMCA! Dive into an exhilarating adventure tailored for little ones aged 3 to 5. Our specialized instructional sports programs are crafted to engage young minds, fostering a lifelong passion for physical activity and instilling the values of sportsmanship. Join us at YMCA for an exciting journey into the world of sports, igniting the joy of play and teamwork in your preschooler!

Why choose Y Preschool Sports?

At this tender age, exploration is key! Our programs are crafted to introduce the fundamentals of various sports, fostering a sense of fun, teamwork, and skill development:

Playful Learning: Through interactive games and activities, children discover the basics of different sports in a playful and enjoyable atmosphere.

Fundamental Skills: Our experienced coaches focus on teaching foundational skills like hand-eye coordination, basic motor skills, and an understanding of game rules.

Building Confidence: Every swing, kick, or throw is a step toward boosting your child’s self-assurance and enthusiasm for sports.

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Unleash Your Potential. YMCA’s Martial Arts Classes – Age Is No Barrier! Embrace our all-inclusive martial arts program open to individuals aged 6 and above, featuring specialized classes for kids and adults alike. Experience the transformative essence of martial arts while honing skills that enrich the mind, body, and spirit. Join our vibrant community and explore the powerful world of martial arts at YMCA, where age doesn’t limit your journey to mastery

Hey, Future Martial Arts Superstars! Wondering why dive into martial arts? Well, it’s not just about defending yourself – it’s about leveling up in life! Here’s the lowdown:

Super Fitness: Get ready for a full-body workout that’ll boost your strength, flexibility, and stamina, all while mastering cool martial arts moves.

Mind Power: Train your brain! Martial arts aren’t just about kicks and punches; they’re about focus, discipline, and honing your mental game with forms and drills.

Feel Awesome: Picture this – as you rock those moves, your confidence skyrockets, making you a champ on and off the mat!

Ready to kick-start this adventure? Let’s go!

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Elevate Spirits and Skills with YMCA’s Cheer Program for kids ages 6 to 11! Join our vibrant cheerleading classes, where young ones dive into a dynamic world of cheers, mastering skills and fostering camaraderie. At the YMCA, our program ignites team spirit, offering an energetic and supportive atmosphere for kids. Enroll your child today and witness their confidence soar while they embrace the excitement of cheerleading in a nurturing YMCA environment!

Why Cheer?

Cheerleading isn’t just about pom-poms and chants—it’s a blend of athleticism, teamwork, and enthusiasm. Here’s what our program offers:

Skill Development: Learn cheers, jumps, dance routines, and basic stunts, fostering agility, coordination, and confidence in each participant.

Teamwork and Camaraderie: Embrace the essence of teamwork through synchronized routines, trust-building exercises, and group performances.

Performance Confidence: Grow confidence with every cheer, fostering a sense of accomplishment and stage presence.

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