The YMCA is more than a gym….it’s a cause. From A to Z, from camp to confidence, the YMCA of Southern Arizona has been helping our neighbors learn, grow and thrive for 100 years. The thousands of people who support our Y cause are our greatest resource when it comes to providing experiences for youth development and skills for healthy living which promote social responsibility for all.

Campers, like Bailey call Triangle Y (Tri Y) Ranch Camp their second home. We call them our family. Tri Y has an invaluable impact on Pima County campers by offering outdoor experiences to build an appreciation for the natural world, opportunities for families to come together and summer resident camps for young people like Bailey to develop confidence, and build life-long friendships.
Throughout her childhood, Bailey has been introverted and at times has had difficulty coming out of her shell. “Before this [past] summer I had been shy, and would only talk to people if they spoke to me first.” Because of her fear of reaching out, Bailey experienced a sense of not belonging. Every summer for much of her childhood, Bailey has been awarded a scholarship to attend one week at Tri Y.
This past summer while attending Tri Y’s Leadership In Training (LIT) program, her counselors noticed that Bailey had grown and changed. These lead staff felt that Bailey would further benefit from an extended stay and recommended her for an additional scholarship to attend the Counselor In Training (CIT) program for the remainder of the summer. Bailey noticed the changes in herself as well. She credits these two leadership programs as being “key to overcoming her shyness and developing confidence.” Through group building activities, Bailey established trust with her peers and developed life-long friendships.

As Bailey’s confidence grew, so did her leadership abilities. She is known around camp for her generosity and kind spirit. She is always willing to volunteer and put others first. Camp made it possible for her to learn, excel, and become a leader among her peers.
“Because [she] has been helped so much” Bailey wants to “make sure that someone else gets to have the same experience.” It is her goal to return to Tri Y as a counselor and help someone else become a confident leader. “I really appreciate the opportunity I was given to go to Tri Y.” “It was an amazing experience having people on my side.”
Without a scholarship Bailey would not have been able to experience Tri Y. It is because of volunteers, members, staff and generous donors like you that Bailey and other campers have had the ability to learn, grow and thrive at the YMCA Triangle Y Ranch Camp. Just like Bailey, every person can benefit from camp. Every gift makes a difference. Everyone has a role to play. Together we achieve so much more.