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 Leadership Staff

(email addresses are the person’s first name and last initial

President and CEO
Kurtis Dawson, (520) 623-5511
Chief Development Officer

Stephanie Mills, (520) 623-5511 

Chief Financial Officer
Cathy Scheirman, (520) 623-5511
Director of Association Aquatics
Candis Martin (520) 623-5511
Executive Director of youth development
Carolyn Schwartz (520) 623-5511
Holsclaw Family Child Care Center
Erika Diaz or Kendra Whetton, (520) 623-9211
Jacobs/city program center
Jessica Romo, (520) 419-3788
Lighthouse/City YMCA
Michael Garcia, (520) 795-9725
Lohse Family YMCA
Kylie Aldaz, (520) 623-5200
Mulcahy/City Child Care Center
Kayla Dunaway, (520) 838-0936
Northwest YMCA Pima County Community Center
John Winchester, (520) 229-9001
Ott Family YMCA
RJ Bergman, (520) 885-2317
Triangle Y Ranch Camp and Retreat Center
Andy Hockenbrock, (520) 884-0987