Daniel first came to the YMCA when he was 13 years old. He had some family issues and his grandparents brought him and his brother to live with them. Because of his past, Daniel didn’t feel very good about himself. He enrolled in our Leaders In Training program, stuck with it, and has grown to be a shining star. He coaches youth basketball, and regularly helps with Teen Nights and other community service projects. He loves giving back to his community, and enjoys helping families that are less fortunate. The Y helped Daniel mature into a fine leader and an outstanding young adult.

“I have grown up a lot thanks to the Y’s programs.  The Y helped me become the young man I am today. Whether it’s just playing basketball or being part of the programs, the Y staff and volunteers are always there and are like a huge family.  Thanks to them, I have accomplished so much in my day to day life.” ~ Daniel