Jessie and her daughter have been YMCA members since 1983 when Jessie brought six-month-old Emily to ‘Mommy and Me’ classes. While her children were growing up, Jessie taught swim lessons at the Ott branch and the family connection deepened. Even today, they enjoy the water and use the Y pools. They
embrace the YMCA’s family friendly atmosphere and appreciate the camaraderie and support of the staff. As Jessie put it, “I wouldn’t be at a gym if it wasn’t for the Y, because the Y is so much more!”

But Emily’s story goes well beyond the pool. She is now a regular at the Lohse Family YMCA, and happily, shares her story about how the Y helped her lose over 100 pounds. According to Emily, “the YMCA has impacted many people over the years; it provides a non-intimidating and comfortable place to workout, and creates a sense of community for all who join.”