When I was younger going on vacation or on a day trip meant visiting one of our national parks.  Whether it was climbing rolling hills of pure white sand or walking through a forest of pine trees or hiking to see the petroglyphs and Indian ruins, my family visited a national park for all our vacations and weekend outings. Even today when I visit my father, we plan trips to parks around the Albuquerque area. On my last visit I went to the Balloon Fiesta Park where I took my morning run alongside a multitude of beautiful hot air balloons. The visit before, we headed north to the Santa Fe National Forest where we could see the beauty of the New Mexico landscape for miles in every direction. Unfortunately we find that today national parks are losing visitors, and families are not taking advantage of the country’s majestic beauty and wonderful activities that the parks have to offer. Every national park has places of beauty, and certain legendary parks contain sights so compelling that people make it a lifetime goal to see them at least once. Plan a fabulous vacation or day trip to one of our country’s magical national parks. Unplug, tune into Mother Nature and experience an unforgettable adventure.

At the YMCA we are excited join others in a collaborative effort to get more children and families to Play, Learn, Serve, and Work at our beautiful parks locally, regionally and nationally. You can learn more here.