The youth and government program is one of our movement’s leading youth initiatives. For many years, youth and government delegations from across the country have taught teenagers the inner workings of our government and political systems. Students write, sponsor, and debate bills at local, state, regional, and national levels. Our YMCA has about 40 young people in the youth and government program.

Meet Rodrigo! He’s been part of the program for four years. At the state level, he’s chaired the committee on Public Safety and served as the Majority Leader in the House. This year, Rodrigo was chosen as one of seven delegates to the national program. He wrote a bill about lifting the trade embargo on a diabetes
medicine made in Cuba that was selected for national debate… and adopted!

For Rodrigo, the youth and government program has helped make his dreams a reality. In addition to learning the political and government systems, he’s experienced the process from an alternate perspective. Rodrigo says, “the youth and government program has had a huge impact on my life, and is one of my
favorites. I have loved politics all my life; being in this program has allowed me
to be involved at a much higher level.”