As “America’s swim instructor,” the YMCA teaches children of all ages and backgrounds that water can be fun if you know how to stay safe in and around water.

Swim Starters, Swim Basics & Swim Strokes

The Y provides children across the U.S. with access to swim lessons and water safety education. The Y introduced the country to group swim lessons over 110 years ago in 1909. Now, we are one of the largest community-based organizations in the country that teach invaluable water safety and swimming skills. This program may range from four to eight class sessions.

There are three general categories of Y Swim Lessons:

  • Swim Starters helps children ages six months to three years develop swim readiness skills through fun experiences that build confidence. In addition, parents learn how to supervise children in the water, prevent accidents and plan for emergencies.
  • Swim Basics (Safety Around Water) enables people of all ages to gain basic water safety and swimming skills. Swimmers become comfortable and confident in the water through practicing safe water habits, engaging in underwater exploration, and learning how to swim to safety if they fall into a body of water.
  • Swim Strokes introduces and refines stroke techniques in older swimmers (school-age, teens, and adults). Having mastered the fundamentals, students learn additional water safety skills and build stroke techniques, developing skills that can help prevent chronic disease, increase overall well-being and foster a lifetime of physical activity.

Class Information: Each swim session is comprised of 4 swim classes. Classes are ongoing starting in April. Each lesson is 30 minutes long. All abilities welcome.

New Classes!!

ADVANCED Pre-School Swim lessons are for the swimmer ages 3-6 yr old who can successfully swim the length of the pool but now need refinement on stroke technique and advanced swimming skills. These lessons are the gateway to the Swim Team Prep class. This is a 45 min class which will help your child to learn swim strokes and increase their swim endurance.

SWIM TEAM PREP Lessons are designed for the Youth aged swimmer who can successfully swim an entire lap of the pool (50yd). Now they are ready to learn proper competitive stroke technique and continue to increase their endurance. Each lesson will build on the previous as instructors evaluate each swimmer’s performance and the critical swim features needed to achieve the competitive edge on a swim team. Each lesson is 60 min long and will ensure endurance along with skills are taught through a series of games and skills.

Saturday Classes

Age: Preschool (Age: 3 – 6) and Youth (Age: 7 – 12)
Location: Northwest YMCA Pima County Community Center, Ott Family YMCA, Lighthouse/City YMCA
Day: Saturdays
Start Date: April 8 – 29
Time: 9 AM – 1PM

Tuesday and Thursday Classes 

Age: Preschool (Age: 3 – 6) and Youth (Age: 7 – 12)                                                                                    Location: Lighthouse/City YMCA
Day: Tuesday and Thursday

To register, follow the below steps:

  1. Click the button below
  2. Log in or register for an account
  3. Search “guardian/child,” “preschool,” “youth”, or “adult”
  4. Select the desired program in the grey box
  5. Select the desired location
  6. Select the appropriate time. Note: Guardian/Child is for children 0-2 years with the guardians, preschool is for children 3-5 years, and youth is for children 6-12 years. If you are looking for swim lessons for someone outside these age ranges, check out our private swim lesson packages.

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Do you dream of really being able to join your kids & grandkids in the pool rather than just watch from the shallow end? The Y is here to help you cross “learn how to swim” off your bucket list. Whether you have a fear of water, need to brush up on your backstroke or want to learn how to butterfly our group lessons are designed to meet you where you’re at so that you can achieve your goals! We are excited to provide adult swim lessons for all experience levels and abilities!

Adult Group Swim Lessons are open now for registration both in person and online. Register today and plan to start 2023 with a resolution to swim at the YMCA! We are offering (1) winter session of Adult Swim Lessons which is comprised of (6) – 40-minute lessons.

Class Information:

Location: Northwest YMCA Pima County Community Center & Ott Family YMCA
Day: Saturdays
Start Date: Ongoing
Time: 8:10 AM

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