Our muscular strength classes are focused on results. Regardless of your level of fitness, we have a muscle strength class for you to help you enhance your flexibility, balance, and overall muscle strength. From Abs, Gluts & Legs to Total Body Conditioning, choose the workout that’s right for you and benefit from the expertise of our highly-trained certified fitness instructors.

Awesome Abs

Want a powerful core? This class will take you through a series of exciting exercises to keep your core in check. Develop your abs, lower back and obliques in just 30 minutes!


Barre is a combo class of ballet, pilates and yoga. Using ballet based movements, the class is designed to strengthen, tone and balance the entire body utilizing the ballet barre, light weights, body bar and small exercise balls. Class includes toning and muscle endurance exercises with an emphasis on the core, glutes, thighs and arms.

Core Strength

This class is designed to make you sweat with high-energy movement for a boot camp style workout. Great for all levels of experience.

GTS -Gravity Training System

Training System offers a unique experience in resistance training that delivers quick physical results.

Muscles and More

Work your core body and major muscles with this strength and conditioning class. No cardio.

Muscles MAX

This strength exercise class will have you using exercise bands, medicine balls, training ropes, plyometrics and body weight exercise to develop lean muscle, build a strong core and improve endurance. All levels welcome!


Using the combination of yoga’s flexibility, Pilates’s strength and nonstop movements, PiYo® burns calories, lengthens and tones muscles while minimizing high impact movements. PiYo® is great for increasing abdominal strength, stability and flexibility.

Sculpting Mix

This class focuses on sculpting and toning with high repetitions and intensity. We also include a Power Abs workout. Your workout ends with basic yoga and stretching.

Strength Balance and Stretch

This class will include strength moves, balancing exercises followed by stretches. This class is for individuals 16 and over.

Strength for Life

Muscular strengthening class using resistance equipment like weights, bands, balls and exertubes. You will gain strength for everyday life!


TRX® is a revolutionary method of suspension training using bodyweight exercise to simultaneously develop strength, balance, flexibility and core stability. Individuals of all levels have the ability to get a fast, effective total body workout. Shoes with good traction are highly recommend.

TRX® Circuit

Get your blood pumping with the suspension trainers and other exercise equipment in this circuit style class. Move from station to station to strengthen your whole body while getting a cardio workout. Shoes with good traction are highly recommend.