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The YMCA of Southern Arizona’s Before & After School program expands learning beyond the classroom. Children are celebrated for their uniqueness and provided with multiple opportunities for growth and development through a variety of activities.

Children are natural-born engineers, who tend to be fascinated by building things and taking things apart to see how they work. Our goal is to expand on their learning by emphasizing the engineering design process which is a methodical approach to problem seeking and encourages children to start by asking a question, imagine the possibilities, plan a course of action, execute the plan and then brainstorm how to improve.

Though often affiliated with just science and math, the engineering design process can be applied to meet a variety of child interests. The following 9 exploratory components will be integrated into the program throughout the school year: 21st Century Skills, the Arts, College and Career Readiness, Family and Parent Engagement, Global Learning and Inclusion, Health and Wellness, Academic Enrichment, Leadership Development and Service Learning. Homework assistance, snack and physical activity are provided daily.

We aim to create an inclusive environment at each of our sites that supports self-confidence, encourages creativity, emphasizes team work and develops future leaders.

Due to the uncertainty of when school districts will be able to begin in person classes again, our registration for our after school programs will open once we know when the schools we plan on serving will begin in person classes.  This will allow us ample time to adapt our programs to best serve our families.

If you receive DES child care assistance and would like more information about the registration process, click here.

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For detailed information about each site. See site details pdf.

Registration Dates:

TBD – We will open registration for sites as schools return to in person learning.

Serving ages:

5 years to 12 years

program dates:

Program dates will vary based on school schedules.

weekly pricing:

Program rates will vary based on school schedules.

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This all day program will be offered while schools are only offering remote or virtual learning options.  Registration is available for specific dates.

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