Formal swimming lessons reduce the likelihood of childhood drowning by 88%

Drowning can happen nearly anywhere with standing water — but as a guardian, you can’t keep your kids sidelined. By equipping children with the tools they need to be confident in and around water, they’ll be able to reap the health benefits of exercise, bond with family and friends, and take pride in their new skills — safely.

(New Sessions coming in 2022)

Over the course of eight 30-minute swim lessons, adults and children learn important skills in and around water, including:

  • Basic swim skills, like floating, blowing bubbles, the freestyle stroke, and the front crawl
  • Safety skills, like CPR, identifying a safe place to swim, and water rescue techniques (“Reach or Throw, Don’t Go”)
  • Survival swim skills, like pushing off the bottom of the pool to resurface (“Jump, Push, Turn, Grab”) and a method of swimming on your front and back (“Swim, Float, Swim”)

Group SWIM lessons
(New Sessions coming in 2022)

There are three general categories of Y Swim Lessons:

  • Swim Starters helps children ages six months to three years develop swim readiness skills through fun experiences that build confidence. In addition, parents learn how to supervise children in the water, prevent accidents and plan for emergencies.
  • Swim Basics enables people of all ages to gain basic water safety and swimming skills. Swimmers become comfortable and confident in the water through practicing safe water habits, engaging in underwater exploration, and learning how to swim to safety if they fall into a body of water.
  • Swim Strokes introduces and refines stroke techniques in older swimmers (school-age, teens, and adults). Having mastered the fundamentals, students learn additional water safety skills and build stroke techniques, developing skills that can help prevent chronic disease, increase overall well-being and foster a lifetime of physical activity.

Individual & BUddy Swim Lessons

These lessons are designed to give participants individualized attention to improve or master their swimming skills. Together, the instructor, participant and/or guardian determine the goals for the session, and the curriculum is customized in order to meet these goals.

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