The Y strives to help everyone learn how to swim

We promise to keep our members & families safe around water and help them learn the skills needed to make swimming a lifelong pursuit for healthy living.

NOW OFFERING: Safety Around Water (Swim BASICS)

Thanks to the generous support of the YMCA of the USA, the YMCA of Southern Arizona is offering a free swim lesson session to non-swimmers (one session per person). Over the course of eight 30-minute swim lessons, children ages 3-14 years learn important skills in and around water, including:

  • Basic swim skills, like floating, blowing bubbles, the freestyle stroke, and the front crawl
  • Safety skills, like CPR, identifying a safe place to swim, and water rescue techniques (“Reach or Throw, Don’t Go”)
  • Survival swim skills, like pushing off the bottom of the pool to resurface (“Jump, Push, Turn, Grab”) and a method of swimming on your front and back (“Swim, Float, Swim”)

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Group Swim Lessons

Drowning can happen nearly anywhere with standing water — but as a guardian, you can’t keep your kids sidelined. By equipping children with the tools they need to be confident in and around water, they’ll be able to reap the health benefits of exercise, bond with family and friends, and take pride in their new skills — safely.

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Swim Clinics

Just like any sport, swimming takes practice if you want to improve. Our nationally certified swim instructors are committed to helping you improve your technique. Having proper techniques will help swimmers be more efficient in the water. While speed may not be the end game, mastering these skills can save your life.

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No matter your goal, our certified swim instructors are here to help! These lessons are designed to give participants individualized attention to improve or master their swimming skills. Together, the instructor, participant, and/or guardian determine the goals for the session, and the curriculum is customized in order to meet these goals.

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