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The Y’s youth sports programs encourage kids to develop new skills and discover their potential through teamwork, healthy competition, and most importantly, fun! Our volunteer coaches create a supportive environment that helps guide children through learning the essentials of physical activities, healthy development, and participation. Our program is about the players, not just the game. We develop skills, build values and focus on relationships. We teach active lifestyles and provide life lessons.


Our Y Basketball Program will help your child learn the basic fundamental skills of basketball (e.g. dribbling, passing, shooting, rebounding, and defense). Our program focuses on team play, overall gameplay, and additional concepts. Please note: Register your child for the current 2023 – 2024 school year.

  • Who can participate? Youth (Kindergarten – 9th grade)
  • When does the season start? Practice starts the week of September 11, 2023.
  • How long is the season? September 11 – November 12
    • There will be two evaluation games, five regular-season games, and play-offs (3rd grade – 9th grade).
    • There will be eight regular season games for Kindergarten – 2nd grade.
    • The practice nights schedule is dependent upon the team that your child is placed with. Practice night requests are available during the registration process. We try our best to honor requests, but they aren’t guaranteed. 
    • No games October 6 & 7.
  • Which location is the program offered? Youth basketball is available at the Northwest YMCA Pima County Community Center, Lohse Family YMCA, and the Ott Family YMCA. Travel necessary, as games will be played between the locations.
  • Additional Information: All participants must purchase a reversible jersey for $15.

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july 20 – august 16

Pricing (inDIvIdual)

  • YMCA Facility Membership Price: $85
  • YMCA Program Membership: $115
  • Basketball Jersey: $15


The YMCA of Southern Arizona has created a tiered pricing structure to accommodate all families during these challenging times. Please take a moment to look at the rate descriptions below and determine which of the three prices your family is able to pay for your child’s sports experience. Price selection is done strictly on an honor system. If you can afford to pay the full fee (Tier A), please do so. If you cannot, simply select the price which is right for your family’s circumstances. There is no difference in the experience for participants registered at different tiers and tier selection is kept confidential.

This rate most accurately reflects the true cost of the league, including depreciation, operational, and administrative costs. If you can afford to pay this fee, please do so.

  • $85 for Y facility members
  • $115 for Y program members

This is our partially subsidized rate for those who cannot quite afford the full cost of the league. Tier B pricing is available using promo code SPORTSB during the registration process.

  • $80 for Y facility members
  • $110 for Y program members

This is our most heavily YMCA-subsidized rate for families. Tier C pricing is available using promo code SPORTSC during the registration process.

  • $75 for Y facility members
  • $105 for Y program members


Team Price: $625

What does this mean for already formed teams, school teams, and club teams?

The head coach will need to register the team and pay the $625 team fee prior to any team participants being able to register.

After the team fee is paid in full, the following steps will need to be completed:

  • The parent or guardian of each participant for the team will need to purchase an annual program membership ($25/year) or become a Y facility member.  If a player already has an active Y facility membership or program membership, they do not need to purchase a new one.
  • The parent or guardian will then need to register their participant for the league and will not be charged. They will receive a link from their coach to register.
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