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Safety Around Water

the world is 71% water

Are your children 100% prepared?

The YMCA’s Safety Around Water program can help kids learn essential water safety skills, which can open up a world of possibilities for them to satisfy their curiosity safely.


This free program, taught by a certified Y-instructor, teaches children two sets of skill sequences that will reduce the risk of drowning and give them confidence in and around water. A typical session includes:

  • Fun activities to help children adjust to being in water and learn water safety
  • Instruction in “Jump, Push, Turn, Grab” and “Swim, Float, Swim,” two skill sequences children can use if they find themselves in the water unexpectedly or too exhausted
  • Exciting games that allows children the opportunity to build confidence

Offered at four locations within tucson!

The Lighthouse/City YMCA is proud to continue their relationship with the refugee community within Tucson by providing water safety lessons this fall. For more information, contact Candis Martin here.

According the the CDC, children one to four have the highest drowning rates. The Lohse Family YMCA is committed to reducing this statistic in our community by partnering with the Holsclaw Child Care Center this summer.

The Ott Family YMCA is proud to be continuing their partnership with the Davis-Monthan Air Force Base by providing water safety lessons this summer. For more information, contact Jacob Jaeger here.

Drowning is the second leading cause of death for children ages one to 14. The Northwest YMCA Pima County Community Center is committed to reducing this risk in our by working with children 3-12 years within Tucson this September and October. For more information, contact Gill Osgood here.