When he was two years old, Trejan was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. His grandmother and guardian Pamela had to find a child care for him so she could continue to work.

When searching for child care, Pamela continued to run into a similar response: “We are not licensed to care for a diabetic child.” Almost out of options, Pamela turned to the Y. The staff at the Y, Pamela and Trejan’s school work together to assist in his diabetes management. As a result, Trejan has not had any problems with his diabetes. “Trejan loves to come to the Y” and is enrolled in multiple YMCA programs including swimming, summer day camp, and before school and after
school programs. He loves to come to the Y and play with his friends!

Pamela “wouldn’t trade her experience at the Y for the world. The staff has done everything for Trejan. They potty trained him, they do everything.” Pamela asserts that “More people need to turn to the Y. The Y offers way more to children and families than just child care.”