The Y’s Summer Learning Loss Prevention (SLLP) program is a six week
summer program that helps first and second graders from low-income families get on track to read at grade level by third grade. It is a literacy-based program that
also includes enrichment and family activities to support the children’s cognitive, physical and social-emotional growth.

Mia Noelia is a happy and friendly young girl looking forward to entering the first grade. But, like many of her peers, Mia Noelia’s reading and literacy skills were lacking. Her mother, America, wanted to be sure Mia got a strong start and was
excited to enroll Mia in the program.

Mia enjoyed her time in the SLLP program and loved the teachers and staff. She expanded her reading ability and actively joined the fun enrichment activities. Mia not only had fun while learning, but also increased her reading scores by two levels! Her mother was extremely happy with her daughter’s academic growth. She said the program, “increased Mia’s enthusiasm for reading, and helped our family become more involved in her learning. SLLP is a great program; there were amazing people volunteering and it made all the difference. This is an experience Mia will remember for a lifetime!”