Nura and her family began their long history with the Y in 1994 when she was seeking a safe place for her three children, Hanad, Amina and Hassan. At the time however, the family didn’t have the resources to send them all to summer camp.
Thanks to the annual fundraising campaign, the Y was able to offer scholarships for all three!

The family stayed involved with the Y for many years. Nura joined the Lighthouse board in 2005 and began her volunteer service lasting more than a decade. The Y’s impact on her children and family motivated Nura to help with the annual campaign, sharing her Y story, giving generously and asking others to do the same. She believed it was a great way to give back to the Y in return for the Y’s help and support.

Nura’s children have continued their involvement with the Y. Today, Hassan and his twin sister Amina both work for the Y and have had many life changing experiences. Everyone at the Lighthouse Y watched as Amina grew up. She enjoys working in and around the water so her job as a Lifeguard is perfect. Hassan said, “working as a counselor at the Triangle Y Camp helped me become a positive role model and build strong relationships with other kids, just like I had growing up.” Nura sums it up, “The Y is a thread that binds the community together in a healing way through spirit, mind and body!”