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Now more than ever the YMCA of Southern Arizona is committed to raising awareness for water safety and drowning prevention. As we head into summer, it is critical that safety around water remains at the forefront of everyone’s mind. We are excited to be continuing our partnership with News 4 Tucson’s Lifesaver Campaign with virtual Swimfests. That’s right! This event has gone digital!

In celebration of Water Safety Month, we will be sharing useful tips that will help ensure your family’s safety in and around water. Starting May 7th, we will be launching a new video each week that will cover a variety of water safety topics and life-saving skills. We encourage you to share the information with others and have intentional conversations with your kids so they too can take an active role in their safety.

So, how can you help reduce drownings today?

  1. Take the WATER WATCHER pledge. Everyone who completes the pledge will receive a Virtual Swimfest Care Package from News 4 Tucson.
  2. Always remember the ABC’s of Water Safety.
    • A is for Active Adult Supervision
    • B is for Barriers, layers of protection
    • C is for Classes, and coast guard approved lifejackets
  3. Talk with your kids about water safety and the importance of always asking permission before getting into any water.
  4. Share our water safety tips on your social media pages.

learn water safety while at home!

In May, we will be releasing a new video every Thursday that covers water safety and life-saving skills. We encourage our community to take an active role in their safety by practicing these important skills in the comfort of your home. Together, we can prevent water related incidents in our community.

Virtual Swimfest #1: Asking Permission & Blowing Bubbles

Virtual Swimfest #2: Learning How to Submerge

Virtual Swimfest #3: Reach or throw, but don’t go!

Virtual Swimfest #4: Learning How to BACK FLOAT

Virtual Swimfest #5: Life Jacket Safety

Virtual Swimfest #6: Practicing Front Crawl

Virtual Swimfest #7: Practicing Resting Stroke
Virtual Swimfest #8: Practicing BreastStroke