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Financial Assistance

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Rely on the Y! Financial Assistance is accessible for those navigating challenges. We are dedicated to supporting all. We strongly encourage you to submit your application today!


The mission of the YMCA is to offer services to any individual or family desiring participation, irrespective of their ability to pay the standard membership or program fee. Annually, the YMCA raises funds through the Annual Campaign to provide financial assistance to youth and families. Those facing challenges in paying the full program fee may be granted assistance based on demonstrated financial need. 

The YMCA values a sense of ownership, believing that recipients benefit from contributing to the cost of their YMCA involvement. Therefore, applicants will be requested to contribute some portion of the fees. Financial assistance is granted for a one-year duration and is applicable to all YMCA of Southern Arizona 

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At the YMCA of Southern Arizona, our commitment to the community goes beyond being a fitness and aquatic center. The Tiered Pricing Initiative is our way of sharing the Y’s narrative—we are a cause-driven organization dedicated to assisting individuals in realizing their utmost potential.

We extend Tiered pricing options for various Membership types, Sports Leagues, Summer Day Camp, Overnight Camp, and School Out programs.

TIER A: This rate most accurately reflects the true cost of a membership or programs including depreciation, operational, and administrative costs. If this is in your budget to pay this fee, please do so. 

TIER B: This is our partially subsidized rate for those who cannot afford the full cost of a membership or program. 

TIER C: This is our most heavily YMCA-subsidized rate for those who need assistance to pay for the full cost of a membership or program.

When registering online for Membership or Programs, kindly utilize the designated online promo codes provided below:

Membership Tier Subsidy

Use Promo Code: MEMTIERB to receive a $5 subsidy.

Use Promo Code: MEMTIERC to receive a $10 subsidy.

(Tier pricing is not available for Youth or Young Adult memberships)




Sports League Tier Subsidy

Use Promo Code: SportsB to receive a $5 subsidy.

Sports Leagues 

School Out Day Camps Tier Subsidy

School Out Day Camps Tier Subsidy

Use Promo Code: YDSCHOUTB to receive a $10 subsidy.


School’s Out Camps 

Summer Day Camp Tier Subsidy

Use Promo Code: YDCAMPB to receive a $5 subsidy.

Use Promo Code: YDCAMPC to receive a $10 subsidy.


Summer Day Camp



Triangle Y Overnight Camp Tier Subsidy

Triangle Y Overnight Camp Tier Subsidy

Use Promo Code: TriYTierB to receive a $50 subsidy.


Triangle Y 




Need financial assistance?

Through fundraising efforts, we are able to offer tiered pricing and scholarships for membership and programs, click here to learn more! 

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